Call us today for a visit to your home, office or retail location, you will be glad you made the choice of using our services.  Professional Aquarium services does it right the first time. 
Our number is 561-213-4393 my Cell phone. Scott Giannetta

Aquarium Maintenance includes :

  • Visual check of all the health and well being of your fish, corals and invertebrates.
  • Remove and rinse your glass tops.
  • Vacuum the sand removing the unwanted detritus.
  • Scrap and clean all algae from the glass. Making it look show room new.
  • Change water (30% – 40%) based on test results.
  • Change or clean your filter media.
  • Clean your protein skimmers collection cups.
  • Verifier your Ultra Violet light is operational.
  • After restart, visual check of equipment, air, and water flow.
  • Addition of chemicals.
  • Perform any additional tests as needed.
  • Diagnose disease and take steps to medicate.
  • Deliver purchased goods; food, fish, carbon, supplies, supplements, etc.
  • Work with your schedule for appointments.
  • We specialize in repairs.


My service team specializes in living reefs,cutting edge filtration , aquascaping, problem solving, lighting upgrades, as well as the over all health of aquariums. We pride ourselves in using the latest technology to suit your needs. We stock and install wet/drys or refugium filters,  needle wheel protein skimmers, Ultra Violet lights, HQI metal halides and high output T-5 lamps. Check out our latest supply of LED lights.

Custom Aquariums professional Aquarium Services specializes in custom aquarium installations to give you a look that is breath taking.You will absolutly spend hours in front of your aquarium. We will use our knowledge and skill combined with the latest technology to bring you a living piece of art.
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